Health Benefits of Tennis You Probably Never Knew

junior girls tennis

All sports are good for you, right? True. However, not all sports are easy to play. For instance, if you’re a young, adolescent girl, football might not be the first sport on your list, but tennis should be.

Especially for young girls, tennis offers several health benefits that can help create a happier, healthier, teen.

1.    All the vitamin D: Since tennis is typically played in the sun, junior girls tennis is ideal for helping young girls get the right amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps control calcium levels in the body which prevents osteoporosis. Just don’t forget to put on a little sunscreen.

2.    Improves balance: If there’s one thing we all experience during adolescence, it’s awkward/ clumsiness. While young females might just be growing into their bodies, tennis can actually help support and improve balance, since the game involves so many stops and starts.

3.    Increased motor control: Even if you might feel a little awkward in your own body, tennis can help increase your motor control. This is because it involves both gross and fine motor skills – in the arms and legs, and in the small muscles in the hand.

4.    Better mood: Adolescence is a great time for girls to begin tennis because it can help greatly improve their mood. Typically doing any type of physical exercise releases the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is a feel good neurotransmitter; the more is released the better you feel. Tennis is a sport where you are constantly moving and never stop, thus plenty of serotonin.

5.    It’s stress relieving: There is just something unique about the game of tennis that is more stress relieving than other sports. The back and forth motion of tennis is often compared to a form of meditation and is a great way to relax.

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Rewarding Benefits Of Playing Golf

As to the financial reward of playing golf, well now, that is a matter on an entirely different but top drawer level. The highest ranking masters of the 18 hole golf course will all grump in agreement before sinking yet another eight foot putt. It takes years to reach the level of the multimillion dollar stakes. And yet the masterful designers of some the world’s most famous courses could just end up telling you that emphasis should be place on sheer enjoyment.

Wouldn’t the best coaches in the world be encouraging the youngsters of today to just enjoy their swing. Come to think of it, a majority of readers may never reach the stakes of the pro golfing circuit. That should not matter. Elsewhere, life still goes on. Good to know that the challenges of playing golf, whether as part of a pro-am arrangement or out alone amongst the links, does help instill that spirit of competitiveness.

And yet you see this happen tragically so often. Instead of enjoying the fresh country breeze, you see red-faced individuals having it out with their putters, sinking themselves, not the ball, in mounds of frustration. To teach hot-tempered guys a good lesson, never a better place than the bunker then. Look at it this way. As a beginner, with so much to master, none of which can be done overnight, time spent in the bunker could serve as a useful character building exercise.

18 hole golf course

One of the greatest attributes of a fine golfer is that of patience. A steady wrist, cool, calm and collected, is always required to sink one putt after another for an even par record, or better. But the failures on the course could teach a guy the art of humility.

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