Golf is a great sport for some, a living nightmare for others.  When it comes to the game of golf, the goal is to hit a small ball a long distance into a small hole between nine and eighteen times.  The way that you keep score is by the number of strokes.  The fewer the strokes the greater your score.

palm springs golf courses

Where to play

There are many different places that you can play golf.  Some of the most popular are palm springs golf courses.  In Palm Springs you have a lot of wide open space, great weather and other conditions that make playing golf a well desired sport. 

New or used clubs

When playing you may be wondering if you need new or used clubs.  The clubs are the tools used to hit the ball.  The truth is, you can use either.  When working with golf clubs, it all works out to your ability to play.  The clubs are just an extension of this.

How many holes should you play?

This is determined by your time, desire to paly and more.  To start off with if you are a new player, go for a nine-hole game.  This will give you several hours of paly and allow you to get a feel for the course and the physical activity you will experience.  Once you have an idea of how the game is played and what to expect you can generally increase the number of holes.

Caring for the course

When playing on the courses make sure that you care for the course.  Don’t leave trash behind, don’t destroy or alter the course for others and respect it as if it were your own property.  Watch for animals as well.  Understand that you are in a large open area and animals such as alligators and other creatures will make their presence known.